Wanted: A Personal Life

What an insane week it has been! I think that I developed an ulcer from all the work and work-related stress that I was subject to. Thankfully, everything went very well--with only a few hiccups and letdowns.

This week forced me to get serious about two things - a) work truly consumes my life during the work week (forget any after work or lunchtime plans because I'll probably have to cancel); b) I must get a life outside of work to help me de-stress and find non-work fulfillment.

I've decided to cancel my $70 gym membership in favor of using that cash to pay for acting classes. The weather will get a bit more mild soon for outdoor exercise and I can always join the reasonably priced House gym if I get fat.

So my first acting class since college starts next week. I am so excited! I think that I should make a habit of rewarding and challenging myself with classes in acting and maybe even classes in music and communications/writing.

I love my job and my Hill bubble but there is a whole world and another life for me outside of work. I need to start living it!



Wow. It’s been awhile since my last entry. I am happy to report that all is well, though my life in the New Year hasn’t quite gone as planned. Mainly, I’m mad at myself for not taking my resolutions seriously. I thought my resolutions were simple enough: fitness, acting, and travel. In truth, my resolutions were about balance. For the past year, work has dominated my existence and I felt that challenging myself to do something new would go a long way towards giving me that elusive balance. Yet, I’ve slipped into my old ways. Working late many days and opting to unwind with a book or movie instead of at the gym or in an acting class.

But now, after a week off from work due to the snow, I’m recommitting myself to my resolutions. I’ve already chosen the acting class I will take starting in March and I’m devising a game plan to increase the likelihood that I will venture to the gym despite the coldness and darkness that is winter.

I’m really looking forward to the acting class. I took a class in high school and college and both were very memorable. I like the idea of doing something totally different and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. In a dream world, I could learn the craft well-enough to land parts on the stage or behind the camera. There is something so fascinating about the creative world, and I’ve always loved novels and plays. It should be refreshing to explore my creativity outside of my mind and room as it is when I read novels and write stories.

As a bonus, I hope to meet people outside of my Hill bubble. A friend and I were chatting over the weekend about how cutthroat the Hill can be. There is so much ambition up there and everywhere you look there is a line of people willing to do anything to land your job. And for someone like me for whom nepotism didn’t play a part in my ascent on the Hill, I have to work extra hard to maintain my position and ensure that I can continue to get ahead. So far, it’s working, but it will be refreshing to meet and hangout with more people who aren’t a part of that world.