Ramblings from a Monday

I think I have the Monday-blues. I went to sleep late last night, after watching the Academy Awards--all those never-ending movie montages and Ellen's failed jokes gave me nightmares.

I can't believe that yet another month is almost over. March should be a good one, even if there aren't any 3-day weekends to look forward to. We had a random snowstorm yesterday afternoon. We got about 2 to 3 inches of snow that should turn into slush today and tomorrow (oh, boy!).

I just found out that I've missed most of the AFI Silver Theatre Barbara Stanwyck Tribute that runs January to February. She is one of my favorite actresses, and I just love her in The Lady Eve, The Strange Love of Martha Ivers, and Stella Davis--among others. There may still be time to catch a few showings so please keep your fingers crossed for me.


Saturday Night Movies

I saw two movies last night with a friend: Music and Lyrics and Amazing Grace. I don’t what it is about me being a sucker for chick-flix and period films. M&L was okay. Hugh Grant did a pretty good job in his role, while Drew Barrymore’s acting was less than stellar. I generally enjoyed Amazing Grace, though I wish that I knew what the movie was about before I entered the theatre.

I’m truly hoping that my next night at the movies will be much more memorable and moving.


The Kindness of Strangers

I bummed $1.35 off a stranger today. That's something I've never done before and I've never given money to the Metro lurkers who ask for extra cash. But that will all change after today.

I had a meeting on the Hill with a coworker. We took a taxi there, and I left my coworker (who had other meetings) in order to head back to the office. Not until, I reached the metro station and rummaged through my bag, did I realize that although I had my water bottle, notebook, Chapstick and pens, I did not have my cell phone or my wallet.

I am so thankful that the middle-aged African American woman believed my story and lent me the cash—it probably helped that I was dressed professionally. I wish that I could give her money back or personally send extra karma her way…

I was almost in tears riding the metro back to work. I just can't believe that I, a 25 year old, was walking around without a wallet. What if a major accident or emergency occurred and I didn't have any money or identification to get myself to safety? Sure, I could have walked the 15 blocks back to work, but the dire necessity of being independent and responsible for myself remains.

My behavior was ridiculous, simply ridiculous. It will never happen again, and I can promise you that I will start giving metro farecard money to those who ask.


Worst Pick-up Line Ever & Got Game?

I braved the freezing cold Sunday night in order to attend a birthday event at Wonderland. While there, two guys tried the most pitiful line I've ever heard on my coworker (A-M) and me: "Hey ladies, do you know anything about Albania?"

I grabbed my drink and left, leaving A-M to deal with them (evil move, I know). The guys told A-M to ask the other females in our group if they knew anything about Albania and if so, send them over. Weird, huh? For the record, none of them went over to chat with them.

Like most women, I'm attracted to guys with game. Those men had none. I guess I should feel a bit sorry for guys like that because game isn't something that can be learned. You either have it or you don't.

Now, Floyd has game. That's how he hooked me (and continues to hook me).


Night at the Movies

Last night, I saw two okay movies: GhostRider and Because I Said So. I didn't quite follow Ghost Rider, but it was entertaining and amusing enough.

I must note that every scene with Eva Mendez included a shot of her boobs given that she only wore tops that were unbuttoned to her navel. That reminds me of Volver, which I saw last weekend. Penelope Cruz's boobs were an integral part of most shots in that movie as well.

Because I Said So was okay. It could have been done better and even the acting, at times, was a bit dicey--stop overacting Mandy! But it was nice to see a chick-flick post V-Day.


Talk is Cheap

I've been preaching environmental values for as long as I canremember. Yet, only at the age of 24, did I start thinking seriouslyabout buying organic and locally grown foods that are good for the environment and support my community. Only recently (during the past year) have I even been able to "afford" and have access to such foodstuff. I've already started buying organic apples and bananas, and I hope to venture further into the world of organic and locally grown foodstuff during the upcoming months.

I always believed that there's no point in having convictions if you don't live (and die...) by them. So now that I'm older and have incorporated the eco-basics of recycling and saving energy into my lifestyle, it's time for me to take my environmental convictions to the next level. No, I'm not going to join ALF/ELF but I will buy more organic foodstuff. It will be one small step in the right direction.


The Day After

I did, in fact, survive the ice storm and Valentine's Day yesterday. Now, I turn my attention to the President's Day weekend. It's the last long weekend until Memorial Day, so I'm going to do my best to enjoy every second. As always, relaxation tops my to-do list for the weekend, followed by exercising and cleaning up my messy apartment. Beyond that, I hope to have a night or two out on the town and to catch up on a few simple errands.


V-Day and the Single Girl

This is my first Valentine's Day as a single girl in a very long time. My ex, Floyd, offered to be my Valentine, but it just isn't the same.

I know that I'm not alone in disliking Valentine's Day as a purely made-up Hallmark holiday that puts undue pressure on couples and makes single folks like me feel insignificant and deficient.

But whatever, it's just one day. I will survive.

Happy Valentine's Day

Ice, Ice, Baby

D.C. has been slammed with a wintry mix. Unfortunately, the federal government didn't close, so I had to go to work (remember that I'm saving my vacation days for Mexico). The commute wasn't that bad beyond the lack of cleared sidewalks. My pet peeve with snow/slush days in D.C. is that the snow trucks pile the stuff in the gutters, making it almost impossible for pedestrians to cross the street without miss stepping and landing in a puddle of melted snow and ice. My only concern is going home tonight and facing icy sidewalks. I hope I don't fall.


Bon voyage, mon ami!

My friend, Floyd, is about to begin Part I of his great journey through Mexico. He hopes to visit Mazatlan, Guadalajara, and Cabo San Lucas, to name a few cities. I totally envy his trip, but I know that he'll have a bunch of great stories to share when he returns (and, hopefully, takes me back with him!). Last week, I sent him a care package of things for his journey, including some new drawing supplies (so he can create pictures of the beautiful architecture and vistas for me).

So off you go, my dear friend! Good luck and happy travels!

(DCBFF forever)


Gimmee a blizzard!

Finally, after days of cold temperatures, it has snowed in D.C. Sure, it was a light snow, totaling no more than one to two inches, but it makes the cold weather outside much more bearable if there is white, fluffy stuff everywhere.

What I'm really hoping for is a major snowstorm, like the ones we had in 2000 (fun!) and 2003 (super-fun!!). Only then, will I feel that the below-30 degree F temperatures are bearable, worthy and simply delightful.


Brr.....[shiver, shiver]

I cannot believe how cold it is outside. I just checked the Weather Channel website and found out that it is currently 18 degrees Fahrenheit outside (with a 2 degree F windchill!). And the coldness will continue through this weekend. Umm…I didn't move to Washington, DC in order to experience Minnesota weather. But I guess I shouldn't complain given that Minneapolis (MN) is expecting a high of 2 degrees F today.


Where'd that Hippo Go?

Wow, it’s been a while since my last entry. Not much has happened other being sick. I tried my best to combat the virus with green tea and chicken soup, but to no avail. I feel better now, though I’m still a bit congested.

Last weekend, I volunteered at a soup kitchen in Mount Pleasant. It was a good experience, though somewhat overwhelming. Nevertheless, I got the chance to help cook and then serve food to over one hundred homeless people. I’m glad that I did it and I hope to continue volunteering in the city (fulfilling one of my many New Year’s resolutions).