Anatomically Correct Gingerbread People

I was a bit freaked out by the blurb and censored picture of "anatomically correct gingerbread people" cutters in today's Washington Post Express. I was even more freaked out when a coworker sent me a link to an uncensored picture of them. WTF?!


"Never can say goodbye…"

It is unfortunate that Floyd and I haven't really moved toward friendship-land. We talk all of the time as if we were still together and I, living in a dream world, still reflect on the time we had and perhaps, could have in the future.

But, we're apart and clearly going in two different directions in our life right now. Yet, I can't help but to be attached and continue to nurture my feelings in spite our distance and the reality of our past and current situation--don't you just love the selective memory loss that recently broken-up couples tend to have?

Well, I hope that in 2007 I'll find a way to get over (but not forget) Floyd. It's about time that I moved away from the romanticized past and towards a fulfilling future as lifelong friends.

Surely, P&C can be friends forever?!


“Just got paid, Friday night…” (Johnny Kemp)

I had a good time last night. I went to the Tree Hugger Happy Hour and then, a great party with some friends. I had a bit too much to drink, but thank goodness, I didn’t get falling-down-and-running-down-the-street-with-your-crazy-college-roommate drunk. I guess it’s always good to have those sorts of nights every now and then—that is, as long as you’re with good people.

And I did have something to celebrate last night. I found out about my first pay raise ever. It feels good to know that I’ll have a bit more disposable income in 2007. I already know what I'm gonna spend it on.


Shop 'til you drop?

One thing I’m really looking forward to when I get home is shopping at the wonderful malls of Atlanta. I haven’t gone shopping in about 2 months, and I feel that I’m suffering from withdrawal (which takes the form of salivating over everyone else’s new and old apparel finds). I already have my list of items to buy and I’ve already decided which malls I will visit (Perimeter, Lenox and maybe even Phipps) and when.

Growing up in Atlanta, I spent a lot of free time at the mall. It was the place where my friends and I used to hang out as teenagers and the place I frequented when I first discovered my (semi-financial) independence in college. Now, that I’m older and focused on saving for retirement, a house, school, etc., I’ve established a less forgiving clothing allowance for myself. And of course, after many years of learning about the world of advertising and our capitalist-individualist society, I have more qualms about buying in to the status quo and myths of consumerism and fashion.

But this holiday season, I’ve already set aside my budget for clothing purchases and I’m really gonna shop ‘til I drop. And I know my hometown's economy will benefit from my splurge.


Another Story about Annoying/Stupid DC Folks

This morning, while I was waiting to cross the street near Farragut Square, his lady said to me, “They must lead really unhappy lives,” in reference to the street direction people that have been installed around the Square to prevent gridlock and ensure that folks on bikes, on foot and in vehicles can get where they need to go without killing anyone. I told her, “Actually, I don’t think that they are unhappy. They have pretty interesting jobs and they have to contend with pedestrians and people in cars who all have attitudes.” She got quiet and sort of grimaced before scurrying across the street--in spite of the Do Not Walk sign and the protests of the street director. I finished giving my two cents as she left, “they especially have to contend with people who have attitudes like you.” The cool things is that two ladies on the other side of the street also gave her a piece of their minds noting that she should obey the pedestrian signs and street directors because they’re looking out for her interest (and that of everyone else who doesn’t want to witness a foolish pedestrian get run over by an impatient driver).

Well, that was my morning. I totally hate people like that. Navigating the major streets around Farragut Square was nightmare before the street directors and I’m thankful that they’re there ensuring that I can safely cross the street.


Soup AND Salad? Oh, boy!

Last night, Floyd called to inform me that he was having dinner at a soup and salad place in San Diego. I was so jealous because I love soup and salad buffets (or just about any buffet for that matter. Hey, I’m from the South!).

During the five years we hung out in D.C., Floyd and I always complained that there weren’t any soup and salad places in the area. You know, the kind where you get a choice of several soups, different breads for dipping, a huge selection of salad toppings and of course, soft serve… Oh, so good and in theory, healthy.

When I get home I know that the second place I hit, after the annual holiday trip to The Varsity, is the soup and salad place in my neighborhood.


Alumnus/Alumni, Alumna/Alumnae

I attended an alumni happy hour the other night (my second) and ran into a girl who used to live my freshman year dormitory. It was great talking to her and exchanging details about what we've been up to since our college days.

I hope to become an active alumna--attending functions and giving money (when I actually have some to give). I enjoyed being an undergraduate and graduate student at my alma mater, and I want to do what I can to ensure that other students get to experience what my university has to offer.


It's so cold!

I’m attempting to battle the cold temperatures in D.C. this week. My apartment is cold and my office is cold. So I spend most of the day wrapped in a blanket or sitting near a space heater.

I’ve always hated cold weather. Sure, I like snow, but I’d take a hot, humid day over any beautiful snow shower. I guess it’s because I’m from Atlanta that I cherish warmth and humidity so much.

I really do miss the warm temperatures and it’s disheartening to think that I have at least five months before I’ll get to frolic in 80 degree temperatures again.


Azucar! Azucar!

I attended two birthday gatherings on Saturday. The first was a chill event in celebration of a co-worker’s 28 birthday and the other was a major celebration for a graduate school buddy’s 30th birthday. My grad school friend is a salsa dancing fanatic, so we met for drinks and cake, before heading out for a night at Habana Village.

I had a great time Saturday night. I brought along my ex-fitness partner (We jogged in the park for about a month. Then, it got hot and I got lazy.) and I know that she had fun too.

I really had a blast at Habana Village. I was my favorite place to go when I was in college, though I haven’t been there much since graduation. I love the two floors of live music and the mojitos, and I don’t think that there is a better place for salsa dancing in D.C.


"Saturday! Saturday!..." (Elton John)

(Hey Floyd, remember that song?)

I am so happy that it's the weekend as I really needed some rest after this busy week. I guess my tiredness is partly because I had to adjust to a full week of work after Thanksgiving break.

I'm really looking forward to the holiday season of Christmas and New Year's. I'm going home for about week for some quality time with my family and high school friends. Of course, I also anticipate some great holiday shopping (Lenox Mall here I come!).