The Miss Universe Pageant

One more thing, I watched the last hour of Miss Universe last night. I used to religiously watch pageants when I was a kid, and even though I consider myself a modern feminist, they still intrigue me.

Miss Japan won, which was great. She was really pretty and seemed to have a great personality. I'm glad that Miss Brazil didn't win as she seemed to rather sure that she would, plus I'm quite sure that she had a wardrobe malfunction during the swimsuit section…

The big news, of course, was that Miss USA tripped and fell on her rear. I shuddered when it happened, because it was so bad. But she was real trooper to get up and continue to strut her stuff (albeit a bit more carefully) during the rest of the night, even as the audience jeered her (people are so mean!). I don't know if I should do this, but check out this USA Today article for a link to a clip of her fall. It was so unfortunate! But it could have been worse, she could have fallen face-first or ripped her gown.

Memorial Day Weekend

I had a really good weekend. Surprisingly, I didn't go see Pirates (even though I'd been obsessing over it all last week). Instead, I spent my Monday napping and lazily lying under the ceiling fan.

I attended my ex-coworker's wedding on Saturday evening. It was truly the most perfect, ideal, beautiful wedding I've ever attended: intimate and outdoors. The weather was warm and the sun was bright. The cool breeze was scented with lavender (as there was a lavender field nearby). It was set in rural Maryland on an old farm (read: plantation) with lots of trees, fields and a sparkling river. It was simply amazing and I had a lot of fun hanging out with my coworkers and dancing to 80s music with my date, L-M.

Tonight, I leave for the first of two work retreats. One will be held in Charles Town, WV and the other is in Mill Valley, CA (outside of San Francisco). Both of last year's retreats were a lot of fun and provided me with an opportunity to get to know my coworkers, some of which I'd never seen before (my organization has offices in other states). Most of all, I look forward to being in a semi-rural area. The stars will be bright, the natural scenery will be lovely, and it will be quiet.


Livin' for the Weekend!

I've been counting down days until the weekend since Monday morning. I am just that excited about the long weekend. I do have to work on Friday and Sunday, but have Saturday and Monday all to myself!! Here's what's on tap:

Friday…work :-p

Saturday: I'm going to an ex-coworker's wedding with L-M. It should be a great time and I look forward to hanging out with folks from work.

Sunday…work followed by a simple night out

Monday: I've reserved this day for watching the final Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I am so excited about seeing the Pirates movie and also about slipping into other theatre(s) for a double or triple (!) feature [Remember, Floyd?].

But most of all, I look forward to sleeping and being a bit more lazy than usual this weekend. I also plan on buying a shredder so that I can finally shred and recycle all the old statements, school documents, and other items that I'm haphazardly storing in my living room.

It looks like my trip to Paris with my mom is still a "go." I have more or less chosen a hotel and flight and am just waiting on my mom's input before whipping out my credit card. It should be a really fun and relaxing mother-daughter trip that I'll be able remember forever.


Pirates of the Caribbean

I can already hear the theme music...

I am so excited about Thursday's release of the final Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I loved the first movie and thought that the second was good, though I gave it lower marks due to the obviously incomplete storylines. Johnny Depp is so sexy as Captain Jack Sparrrow and Orlando Bloom isn't bad to look at either. I love the costumes (I just LOVE period flicks), the action sequences, the humor, and of course, the love story.

Since Floyd, my normal movie partner, is gone, I don't know who I'm going to go to the movies with. I guess I'll go by myself like the loser that I am. I actually saw the second Pirates movie by myself (my first solo movie trip) as Floyd was out of town. It wasn't that bad because I didn't have to worry about coordinating schedules or arguing over which movie we'd sneak into next. But boy, I missed the snuggling!!!

Here's to a good long weekend of relaxation, decluttering my apartment, and sexy, dirty Depp. I can't wait.


Another Summer on the Metro

I forgot how annoying commuting on the Metro gets in the summertime, especially as gasoline prices rise, the heat and humidity arrives, and tourists flock to the city.

The trains were so packed this morning. I had to stand most of the way, which wouldn't have been that big of a deal if the train had been well air-conditioned.

I remember riding on a hot, crowded metro train many mornings and evenings last summer. I guess the only other option is to take the bus, which is slower and can be just as crowded and warm.

Don't get me wrong, I love the summertime—the late sunsets, full foliage, heat and humidity. I just hate arriving as a sweaty mess in the morning after a miserable commute.

I guess the key, which any "smart" southerner knows, is to always bring along water, dress appropriately in layers, take your time and think cool thoughts--i.e. gentle breezes, ice-cold lemonade, and swimming pools.


Weekend in Review

Wow, what a weekend.

I think that it will be my last action-packed weekend for a while. I worked hard, partied hard, and then worked hard again. And now, I'm so tired.

Many thanks to my Gambian Rat kinfolk, A-M and GFA, for joining me in a great time (maybe too great of a time…) at the Black Cat Saturday night. Let's French and These United States were really great and I enjoyed the energy that their music brought to the night.

But, my dear Gambian Rat kinfolk, let's make our next events more sedate and sober, at least until I can get caught up on my sleep and chores and save enough for the next bar tab.

Last night, I think I found my new drink of choice, rum on the rocks. I am so tired of ingesting needless sugary drink mixers. I'm not a shot person; I prefer to sip. That's why rum on the rocks works so well--its chilled alcohol without all the excess refined sugar and preservatives. Sorry, Sex on the Beach (my college-days drink of choice). I've moved on.


Cubicle War 2007 & Let's French at the Black Cat

This was in my inbox this morning:

Cubicle War Will Officially Commence May 21, 2007 0900 EST.

Alliances will be made.

Axes of Evil will be named.

You've been warned.

Good luck.

Whether or not this was a good or bad idea, a few coworkers and I have started a cubicle war amongst ourselves. It should be a great way to lighten our moods during the upcoming weeks. So far (before the war even started!), my desk has been toilet papered and A-M's stuffed penguin has been kidnapped and hanged. I'm sure that more is planned.


For some reason, I've convinced A-M, GFA, myself, and others to venture to the Black Cat this Saturday for Let's French's cd release. Two other bands are also playing. I saw Let's French at the Dam Fest last fall and thought that they were rather entertaining--particularly the gyrating bass player. It should be a good show, and if nothing else, it will be something different for me to do on a Saturday night.

I hope the music isn't too loud at the show. I know that it's a rock show, but I want to keep my hearing until old age. Here's an investment tip for my four regular blog readers: invest in companies that produce hearing aides (and of course, invest in healthcare in general for our aging boomers). Given the advent of Walkmans and now iPods, I am quite sure that my generation will be in need of serious hearing aides by the time we turn 50.


Hump Day!

Last night, I celebrated L-M's 29th birthday with dinner and drinks. I had a really great time, though I got home way past my bedtime.

I'm looking forward to the weekend. But I can't quite decide what I want to do on Saturday before and after my part-time work shift. My options include volunteering at Food & Friends, seeing Let's French at the Black Cat, socializing at L-M's house, or stay home for a TV watching & junk food eating marathon. I really don't know what I should do. I want to take it easy this weekend but I also don't want to let a great opportunity to listen to live music and hang with friends pass me by.

I guess my indecision about my weekend links to my general blah-ness about work and everything else in my life. I think that I'm in need of a change—a vacation, a new friend, a new job, a new apartment, a new "look," a new outfit...

Perhaps, restless Floyd has been a bad influence in this regard, but I think, mostly, he opened my eyes to the importance of being content with your life. I only get one go-round, so I shouldn't spend my life unsatisfied and blah-ish.

Like Thoreau, "I [wish] to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived."

Carpe diem


"She works hard for the money" (Donna Summers)

Gosh, I am so tired. I guess that I haven't quite figured out how to balance two jobs and a social life, while still allowing myself time and energy to complete errands, chores, relax, and socialize. If I haven't adjusted to this new, unnecessary challenge by the end of the month, I'm so quitting my part-time job.

Sure, I like the few extra bucks I earn each week for my summer trip, but it is totally not worth it if I'm too tired to be my normal upbeat and productive self at my career position—a job that pays the bills and will help me get somewhere in life.

Sure, I've enjoyed getting to know my new coworkers and being exposed to a different reality. Yet, I also can get a truly "new" perspective by increasing my time at the local food bank—with less expense to my time and sanity.

I don't know how all those people do it. There are so many who work two or more jobs just to make ends meet. And there are those who have one job but put in 50 or more hours a week. I guess I've been really lucky to always (until now) have so much free time on the weekends and during the week.


Happy Mother's Day

I don’t really have much to say today. I had a good but busy weekend of working, hanging out with A-M and GFA, and running errands. I’m really happy that the weather is finally warm and I can keep my windows open, though I’m still having problems with the pollen.

No major events are on tap this week, though I know I’ll be busy at work (at both jobs).

I want to give a shot-out to A-M, who was finally given the link to my blog. I resisted for months in giving her the url, but gave-in after consummating our friendship (hmm…that doesn’t sound right…) with shots on my birthday and at our first-ever Gambian Rats bar-crawl in Adam’s Morgan.

Welcome, A-M.


The day after, normalcy returns

I had a really good birthday yesterday. I spent most of the workday restless and unproductive—looking forward to the mojitos and live Latin rhythms awaiting me at CafĂ© Citron. Most of the people I invited showed up and though my crowd was dominated by work friends, everyone got along really well.

I look forward to the Spring Birthdays Bash in Adam's Morgan in a few weeks, when the "Gambian Rats" (what a horrible name, A-M) can officially celebrate the birthdays of A-M, GFA, and me by getting totally smashed.

Thanks to everyone who showed up last night and to those oh-so-far-away who dropped me a line with good cheer.


“Somebody’s birthday, I wonder who…”

Ah, like Bill Dauterive from King of the Hill, I just can't stop singing that song to myself.

On this date, in 1981—the Friday before Mother's Day—at 3:00 AM, I popped out of my mother and was welcomed into the world. Yay, me!

Tonight, I'm headed to a local bar with friends to drink, dance and be merry. Hear's to another phenomenal year!


Seis de Mayo

I'm turning 26 on May 8 and I feel great about it. Last year, when I turned 25, I was so depressed and distressed because 25 felt like such a turning point for me. It marked the end of my college/grad school life and the beginning of my life as a grown-up. The next big milestone will be turning 30, but I have a few years to build up stress around that birthday.

I feel 26, though many people think that I'm much younger. I guess I don't really dress or act my age, which will be a great thing when I'm 40 and hoping to still pass for 30-ish.

I truly look forward to this year and thereafter.


BTW, all is well at my part-time job. Some of my coworkers' behavior still bother me, and I think that I've been crowned the "rigid, uptight" front desk girl. But whatever, I'm just trying to stay out of trouble and make some extra cash to pay off all those dresses I bought this weekend.


Thinkin' about Quitin'

I wanted to quit my part time job today. I was so fed up with the bullshit of a few of my coworkers. Maybe I still need to get to know them, but after a full day of work, part time job drama is last thing that I'm fit to deal with.

It all started when I got home from work late and had to bring my dinner along with me. That part was fine, but it probably put me in a less forgiving mood. My issue was with the couple of crank calls I received from coworkers and the fact that my coworker was at least 10 minutes late in relieving me. Sure, it wouldn't have been a big deal if a) she told me she was going on break b) she called and let me know that she was running late, and c) she didn't get an attitude when I asked her if she was on her way.

I was telling someone in sales, the one I corrected for using slang/curse words (e.g., titties, ho, etc) around me on Sunday, that I come to work to do my job, get paid and go home. I don't care to deal with any extra drama than I need to. He explained that everyone there was friends and joked around a lot. Sure, that's fine but a basic level of work ethic and general respect and maturity is all I'm asking for.

I just can't deal with these sorts of people, and I don't think that I ever really had to. It is totally like night and day. I left work after attending a congressional hearing that one of our phenomenal experts was testifying at, and I entered a perverse world of retail/sales employment populated by immature-middle America-common folk. Wow, that sounds elitist, but it's totally true.

I promised myself that I'd give it until the end of the month. If by then, I'm still unable to adjust or avoid the drama, I'll quit and be content with my small, but sufficient alcohol and clothing budget.


May Day 2007

I can't believer that six months have past since Floyd moved back home and our relationship ended for good. A lot has changed and a lot hasn't changed since November.

I think that I've fared well over the past few months, but I'm giving myself at least another six months to heal. I want to truly get over my first adult relationship before even considering what life would be like with someone else. Don't get me wrong, I miss Floyd, I miss having a relationship with a guy. But I don't want to risk hurting myself or anyone else by jumping into something that I'm not quite ready for. So, Brady Quinn, you'll just have to wait until next November to get any of this.

[Until then, "holdin' my hippo…"]