Can you fly a kite?

Tomorrow is the 41st Annual Smithsonian Kite Festival on the National Mall. I've gone to the kite festival during most of the years that I've been in D.C. (usually with Floyd). But I'm really excited about this year's event--partly, because I haven't been to the Mall in such a long time.

When I was in college, I used to go to the Mall at least once a week. I'd read poetry, have a picnic, watch the sunset, throw around a ball, or just watch the tourists. I love the National Mall as it provides so many different areas for recreation and reflection: the quieter areas near the Constitution Gardens vs. the open space around the Washington Monument (and that pretty old tree!). I used to love to sit on the back steps of the Lincoln Memorial (where I fell…), watch the soccer games on the south fields, or relax on the comfy seating in the National Gallery West. Now that I live so far from the Mall, my weekend Mall ritual has faded. Hopefully, tomorrow's trip will motivate me to regularly visit to the green space that I've missed so much.

(For now, I will refrain from commenting on the recent changes to the Mall landscape, though I'll refer you to The National Coalition to Save Our Mall.)

Okay, back to the kite festival. I plan on bringing a kite, but I'm not sure if I'll actually fly it. I'm sort of a wimpy kite flyer as a result of a tragic experience from my childhood that still scars my precious kite memories.

One beautiful, windy, March day in suburban Atlanta, my uncle took me to an open field to fly my kite (BTW, that field is now covered with an 100-unit subdivision…oh, don't get me started on Atlanta's ugly, ad hoc residential and commercial developments). I spent at least an hour flying my pretty pink kite low in the sky, with the wind in my face, the breeze in my hair. My uncle offered to fly my kite even higher. Reluctantly, I acquiesced. He did fly the kite high. It quickly gained altitude, and I looked up to marvel at my pretty pink kite flying among the white clouds. Yet, before he knew it, my uncle ran out of kite string.

My kite was gone.

Being a silly, little girl, I cried all the way home. Being a silly, young woman, I still hold a scar and a grudge from that day of gloriously flying, then tragically losing my pretty pink kite.

That's the true story of why I'm such an anxious kite flyer.

(Hey Floyd, is this long enough for you?)



Last night's Tyra Show was about prostitutes/call girls/fantasy companions. Sheena, a 21-year-old street prostitute, talked about why/how she got into prostitution. Her stories of being abandoned and abused as a child and preteen were simply heartbreaking. There are just so many women out there who have similar histories and who see prostitution as the only means to support themselves and their families.

I don't have a problem with prostitution…as long as the women are given the choice, are safe, and realize that they have other options for survival and advancement. Also, as long as they can get support for any underlying emotional issues that may have lead them down such a path. I guess I see a difference between street prostitutes and the (empowered?) high-end call girls or workers at the Bunny Ranch. Although, I guess, both could be dealing with drug addiction and other issues.

It is so hurtful to see young women (and men) who are the product of broken homes and an under-funded social services system, choose paths that involve prostitution, drugs, and other activities that only lead to more misery and possible death.


They’re baaaaaack!

I love Hostess Hopper cupcakes.

They're sweet, sugary, sweet…just simply delightful. I first discovered Hopper cupcakes at the local CVS when I was in graduate school. I bought a pack and I was in love. Unfortunately, when I went back to the store, they were sold out. As they're a seasonal Hostess item, I only get a few weeks before Easter to savor their pink goodness.

Last year, when I discovered that they were sold in bulk (i.e., 8-packs) at Safeway, I bought five boxes. Floyd and I, though mainly just me, ate our way through those 40 cakes in a few short weeks. This weekend, I purchased just one box, though I know I'll buy many more this weekend.

Gosh, I love those super-sweet cupcakes, and I'm so happy that they're finally back.


Medieval Times

Yesterday, I went to Medieval Times with a friend. It was quite cheesy, yet...enjoyable—especially since it was totally free (Thanks, L-M!). It took us over two hours to get there, given that we got lost driving out of D.C. BTW, google maps sucks and I still don’t know how to navigate this city by car.

I didn’t really care for the food nor the lack of silverware and proper lighting when eating. The show itself was, again, cheesy but enjoyable. L-M and I spent most of the show laughing about the ill-timed fight sequences, overly dramatic acting, and voice-overs. We also had fun interacting with our male server in tights and rowdy neighbors, whose visit was also comp’ed. Of course, we cheered for our knight, the green knight, but the bastard didn’t win.

My other issue with the place is the use of horses in the performance, though I’ve always been disturbed by show animals. I just hope that the horses are well taken care of and given time to frolic in open fields far, far away from the tiny Medieval Times arena.


"My (Ex)Boyfriend's Back..."

I just found out that Floyd will be in D.C. for a few days/weeks in April.

I have mixed feelings about Floyd’s return--it will be such a short, but important visit. I haven’t seen Floyd since November and lately, our telephone conversations have been a bit strained. I know that we still care about each other, but things are a bit different now. After months of reflection, resolution, and action, I’m a bit different now (I hope) and so is he. Of course, I'm looking forward to spending quality time with Floyd while he is here: going to the movies, watching TV, cooking together, and lazily lounging around doing nothing.

It will be interesting to see how strong my foundation will be when he returns and then, he leaves again.


She wore green shoes

I had a memorable St. Patty's Day. I spent the morning volunteering at Food and Friends and the evening drinking with friends—including both M's. We went to a local bar that had green beer and a live band. It was a really great, late night.

Once again, I've been inspired to start my own band. I would love to play the tambourine, finger symbols or some other percussion instrument in a band. Ideally, I'd play the guitar--acoustic or electric. Floyd is rather against me playing the guitar or percussion instruments. He thinks that it would be cooler to play the fiddle. And I'm down with that. In fact, I've been thinking about re-learning the violin for a while. I played the violin when I was a kid, but dropped it for other extracurricular activities in junior high. So, I might just make that my resolution for my 26th year: learning how to play the classical violin AND the fiddle solos in "The Devil Went Down to Georgia."


"Here Comes the Sun..."

Wow, I feel so much better today.

I've been in sort of a funk all week—waking up tired and in a bad mood, feeling as if I was missing something (an hour out of my day!). For the first time ever (I think), I was angry that the birds were cheerfully singing birds outside my window and that the sun was shining so brightly.

So last night I went to bed super early. Thankfully, things are looking up again today and I've found my normal state of optimism and calm.


Is It Really Spring?

No, it's just a tease! According to The Weather Channel, we might get a wintry mix tomorrow night...

We've been having some pretty wonderful spring-like weather these past few days. The warm weather has really made me anxious for spring and summer to arrive. I just love warm, humid weather. I love to wear shorts and flip flops and lounge under a ceiling fan sipping ice-cold lemonade. I also love the hot summer nights when it doesn't seem as if the city will ever cool off…but eventually it does (sort of). I love the fullness of the trees and other vegetation. I don't love sweating like a pig, but if given the choice between heat or cold, I'd choose heat and humidity every time.


For Me?!

Wow, my boss just had an impromptu party celebrating my one year anniversary at my current job. I totally thought that he had forgotten about it.

It was so nice to have my boss, members of the lunch bunch and others sing "Happy Anniversary to You." I think I turned a new shade of red/pink as a result.

This is probably one of the nicest and most unexpected things that has happened to me in a while. Wow.


TGIF & other notes

I am so happy that it is Friday. I have no plans this weekend and I intend to lazily spend my Saturday and Sunday hours reading, listening to music and thinking about life. This week was a bit odd for me, and I feel so tired. My entire body aches, so I know that I'm in need of sound sleep, exercise and food.

Next Tuesday will mark the one-year anniversary at my current job. It's pretty unbelievable that this time last year, I had just accepted my current position after months of unsuccessful job searching. How time flies! It has been a good year, and I've enjoyed learning my job and getting to know my wonderful co-workers. I know that the time will soon come for me to move on, and I'm so fortunate to have gotten my start in the "real world" at such a relevant and nurturing organization. I anticipate celebrating my anniversary with punctuality, productivity and a good strong drink after work.


Thoughts on a Thursday

I've been super excited for months about an event that my organization is hosting. And now, the event is only a few hours away. If I had a penny for every time I asked a coworker about the reception or just sat at my desk or at home thinking about the reception (what to wear, who I could invite, how I would help organize…), I'd be a very rich girl.

I don't know why I am so excited about this event... Maybe, it's because I lead a such boring life that little things, like work receptions, excite me.

Btw, happy birthday A-M!


“So far away…” (Carole King)

My dear friend Floyd is so far away. He postponed his trip to Mexico, in favor of visiting a friend in sunny San Diego. I miss him so much, and we aren't able to communicate as often due to our schedules and the time difference (Llamame Floyd!). But I guess I should be happy, because if he were in Mexico, I wouldn't be able to chat with him at all.

I don't know when or how I'll ever be able to replace Floyd with a new BFF (nota bene, I didn't say DCBFF). Anyway, right now, I don't really want to.

But I might start accepting applications this fall.


Monday, Monday

I can't wait to go home today. I'm so tired and just generally out of it. I blame it on the cold weather, my outfit, missing the lunar eclipse on Saturday, my diet, and the fact that I stayed up past my regular bedtime to watch Suze Orman's Women and Money on PBS. Only a few more hours...I'll have to summon strength from somewhere to get things done...



At the Cosmetics Counter

Yesterday, I went to Macy’s with friends for a MAC makeover session. I’ve never visited a cosmetics counter, let alone had my makeup done (aside from a friend picking out my colors for prom). So this was a big deal.

I got false eyelashes! I’d always loved the move-star look of long, thick lashes paired with heavy liner, and yesterday, I had it myself. Aside, from the lashes, I kept my make-up quite natural and pretty. But it was so surreal seeing myself--a glamorous version of myself--in the mirror.

I don’t think that the experience will all of a sudden inspire me to become make-up queen and fashionista. But, it has opened my eyes up to a whole new world of girly possibilities.


Continued Craziness Next Door

Again, yesterday my crazy neighbors were at it. Not the acceptable "at it" of having sex, but rather loudly and crudely arguing with each other.

Yesterday's altercation seemed to reach new highs as it started earlier in the day than usual and included some hallway screaming. I wanted to call the cops, but didn't... I guess I felt that the cops were only needed to break up physical violence, if it happened--which, given the woman's threats, I thought might occur. I just stayed in my apartment and blasted Marvin Gaye to mask the woman's obscenities and help bring me back to my peaceful place (that's the power of marvin's sweet voice). I got to go to sleep hearing the women's continued bitching and moaning and (oh, boy!) woke up to it again this morning.

I'm quite tired of these miserable people. I don't understand why they don't just break-up if they hate each other so much. It's been this way for a while—with me both having trouble getting to sleep and waking up in the middle of the night to their craziness. Though in all fairness, it's the woman who is the loudest and crudest.

So, after some encouragement from Floyd, I decided to call my landlord to complain. According to a few websites I visited, the first course of action is to confront the neighbor. But I'm afraid that this crazy lady will start directing her anger at me. Hopefully, my landlord will be able to do something to get them to settle down or, one can only hope, to move out.

Just when I'm really starting to like my apartment and feel at home in my neighborhood (after 1.5 years), these people have to move in and make me want to move out.


Mission Accomplished

This week (and last week) has been a flurry of activity at work, and finally this afternoon, I can de-stress. The big event that I'd been working on is complete and it was successful. My employer really got its money's worth of work out of me, and I'm happy that I was able to be a part of something important.

I can't wait until the weekend. I am so looking forward to sleeping and just sitting peacefully without having thoughts of my work project interrupt my sweet dreams and daytime thoughts. I plan on having a deserved "girls night out" on Saturday, and a lazy Sunday of reading and watching TV (and perhaps, recovering from a hangover…)