Wanted: A Personal Life

What an insane week it has been! I think that I developed an ulcer from all the work and work-related stress that I was subject to. Thankfully, everything went very well--with only a few hiccups and letdowns.

This week forced me to get serious about two things - a) work truly consumes my life during the work week (forget any after work or lunchtime plans because I'll probably have to cancel); b) I must get a life outside of work to help me de-stress and find non-work fulfillment.

I've decided to cancel my $70 gym membership in favor of using that cash to pay for acting classes. The weather will get a bit more mild soon for outdoor exercise and I can always join the reasonably priced House gym if I get fat.

So my first acting class since college starts next week. I am so excited! I think that I should make a habit of rewarding and challenging myself with classes in acting and maybe even classes in music and communications/writing.

I love my job and my Hill bubble but there is a whole world and another life for me outside of work. I need to start living it!

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