Neighborhood Watch

Over the weekend, I witness petty theft from my front porch. I watch a guy break into a car and grab a black bag from the front seat. I stood up and watched him. I let him see me and yelled, "You better start running, because I'm calling the cops. Good luck." I called 911 and reported the crime. The female operator seemed as confused as I felt incredulous by witness the brazen act.

About 5-10 minutes later, the cops showed up. They seemed less than enthusiastic about answering my call. I told them to keep an eye out on my house since the burglar might decide to come back to bother me. They gave me some bull about not being able to watch my house. That's fine; just watch my neighborhood so that random acts like that don't happen on what should have been a lazy day of sitting on my front porch.

Several hours later, the owner of the car showed up. It turns out that nothing of value was in the black bag that was stolen. Most troubling for me is that he refused to call the cops. If nothing else, his insurance company would need a police report before paying for a new window. He spoke in broken English with a very heavy accent. So maybe he was afraid of interacting with the police (no insurance, no green card, the car is stolen, etc). Who knows.

I've decided to sit on the front porch every evening to keep an eye on my neighborhood. I want those bastard thieves, murderers, rapists, and other hoodlums to know that I'm watching them and I don't have a problem calling the police if things get out of hand.

Now that I've scanned the DC police department crime statistic map, my guard will be up even more than before. Sure, the hoodlums can have the $10 in my wallet but they won't be harming me or my friends without a fight. Next up, self defense class and I've even starting to think about the benefits of a gun. [gasp!] I never thought I would ever think about the value of a gun but I'm a treehugging hippie who is pissed and itching to take back her street and her 'hood.


Happy Recess!

I think I earned this recess. This week, this month has been out of control. I've been swamped at work and in my personal life.

I hope to spend my weekend reading (I will finally and begrudgingly pay my $30 library fine…) and finalizing the front porch. I decided against planting an herb garden as I fear what the street cats will do to it. So I'm thinking marigolds or impatients—though I'd love to plant something fragrant (that's why basil was the plan).

I'm really looking forward to going to a Nationals Game on Saturday. I don't really like baseball but I love going to stadiums. I like the atmosphere, the wave (!), and all the people-watching opportunities. I hope it doesn't rain and that the Nat's win.

So, here's to a deserved recess.


Gray Cat

I have decided to accept the alley cats that frequent my house, especially gray cat. S/He used to scare me. I'd open the door in the morning and there he'd be staring at me, waiting for food and interaction. I'd come home from work to the same thing. The whole front porch staked-out used to freak me out but now I love it. I look forward to it. I no longer mind if gray cat rubs himself against my leg in the morning, shedding his fur all over my black dress slacks. It's endearing.

I can seek why single women become cat ladies. Cats are independent spirits that can be loving without being needy.

I guess a single girl like me can and should use gray cat as inspiration. To a lesser extent, I, too, should start - freely and without shame - "roaming the block" for love and nourishment. It just might lead to a permanent connection.


Taped Glasses

I feel like such a nerd today. I stepped on my glasses last night and despite all my attempts to bend/rescrew the left arm back into place, the frame's arm just won't return to normal.

I dug up an old pair that are still stylish and functional as back up but I am determined to wear my updated pair, lest the weaker prescription lead to eye strain.

This morning, I applied some clear packing tape to the left arm. It worked, sort of. So I applied some more. Now, I have a wad of clear tape on my glasses that I can't seem to take off without totally destroying whatever connection is barely keeping the frame arm attached.

Of course, I'm thankful that I didn't break the lens or crack the frame in half, but I feel so stupid walking around with tape on my glasses. I would place it under the "not attractive to boys" category.


A Birthday and A Move

Moving Sucks
I successfully moved my junk into my new space over the weekend. Everything fit—though I do have a far amount of things stacked in the living room that may never find a home.

The move was pretty painless. Unlike this summer, my movers showed up when promised and it took no longer than 2 hours to complete. Nothing broke and no one was injured. Perhaps, next time I will be frugal and move myself, but there is just so much more piece of mind when you are organized and you hire professional movers. Please pray that I don’t move again for at least 2 years—enough time to save for a down payment on a house.

I like my new space. I’m still getting used to the weird shape of my room, the window A/C unit and the cat that is always sitting on the porch, staring at me, when I leave and return each day. I love cats, but he freaks me out. My roommates informed me that there are at least three cats that frequent our stoop, since we usually put out food and water.

This weekend, I hope to tackle most of my boxes. I’ve been sick most of this week with a horrible cold. No, I don’t think that it is H1N1, but it has prevented me from doing anything but blowing my nose and sleeping during the past few evenings. I blame it on the all the stress I experienced over last week due to my move and my birthday party.

28 is Great!
My birthday party was awesome. I was pleased that so many of my friends showed up, though I was missing my grad school trio. I look forward to getting friends together again for a bar crawl this summer. Good times.

My crush didn’t show. He gave me some lame excuse on Monday, but I’m so over him. My friend warned me that he is seriously enjoying his "fresh meat" status on the Hill, and I don’t blame him for wanting to take advantage of all the girls who are trying to catch him. As A-M said, he’s just not that into me and I’d said the same thing, I’m just not that into him. I don’t care enough to be one of those silly girls chasing him. I’m too old for that and I feel that he should be coming to me instead.

So now, I wait to develop a crush on someone new. I’ll keep you posted on who the lucky guy is and how successful is my game.


White House Tour

What an amazing treat on the eve of my birthday. Today, I had the opportunity to take a White House tour. I totally lucked out on an extra ticket and I plan to get an thank card to the person who made it possible asap.

It was surreal to see the West Wing. Unfortunately, we weren't able to see the residence but we saw the blue room, the green room, navy mess, press room, oval office, rose garden, etc. It was truly awesome. I was both overwhelmed and underwhelmed by the tour. I was overwhelmed by the furniture, portraits, artifacts and the slight views I could catch of the Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial. I was underwhelmed by the size of some of the rooms (TV cameras can be so deceiving!) and the fact that it felt like a normal office space. I know that I'm not making sense. The bottom line is that it was an amazing experience and I can only hope to visit the WH again for another tour, a VIP meeting, or, perhaps one day, for my first day on the job.



Yesterday, I called Floyd. I guess I was feeling guilty about my musings to half-heartedly pursue CuBu, my campaign trail crush.

He assured me that we are officially, undeniably just friends now. Not the “just friends” we’ve been during the past two years---not a couple but going on 2-week long road trips and romantic Miami getaways. But “just friends” who are past lovers seeking to establish themselves as separate, single beings.

I’m so happy that he also wants to stay close friends. We both know that will take time, but I don’t know of anyone who knows me as completely and can make me laugh as easily as Floyd.

It is the end of an era. I’ve known Floyd for almost 9 years and beyond the Mr. Rebound foray, I have been emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically attached to him since I was 19. Now, I enter my 28th year as a single girl and I am scared.

I am scared of guys, of rejection, of heartbreak, of broken promises, and of becoming a bitter old lady who regrets this choice. So, I will take it very slow. If all else fails, I’ll just focus on climbing the career ladder and leave love to another day. I just hope that I don’t wait too long.


Struck Out

Tonight, I had several people cheering for me, coaching me, pushing me along. But despite their well-wishes and advice, I struck out.

I don't have game. I'm sure my readers are tired of my constant whining about this but I don't know how I will ever find a mate if I always revert to a pre-teen girl around guys I like.

I ran out of things to say, allowed him to be drawn away by others, didn't close the deal with future plans. Mostly, I allowed myself to be discouraged by the gaggle of girls that always seemed to be near him. I guess as a new guy on the Hill, he's bound to be fresh meat. But to me he's more. He's the crush that just won't go away. I guess that means I need to get out more cause I know that DC has many other cuties for me to meet and fall for. But I just can't shake him or figure out how to snag him.


Moving Sucks

Over the weekend, I moved some of my things into my new place—mainly my plants, clothes and smaller items. I made a few trips with my trusty shopping cart on Saturday, but relied on A-M, G.F.A., and Shimmy-Shimmy to make three trips with a fully loaded car on Sunday. Although I still wish I had a boyfriend to take care of everything for me, nothing beats true friends—those willing to move heavy boxes, tall plants, and endless trash bags full of pillows in the rain. Thank you!

I can’t wait to be moved-in my new place. I am so excited to share a house with only two girls. The noise level and untidiness factor will be nothing compared to now. I admit that I will miss all the windows in my bedroom, my large closet, and the southside of CoHe. But I am excited to get to know northern CoHe and my new roommates. Most of all, I can’t wait to sit on the front porch with lemonade and a book or to start an herb garden in the back yard.

With A.M.’s encouragement, I decided to not sell any of my common room furniture. I don’t know if my futon and all my other crap will fit in my new space, but I am going to try. I don’t really want to deal with posting and fielding responses to a Craigslist ad this week. It is time-consuming and I don’t like the idea of meeting up with a potentially crazy person. Plus, when the time comes for me to move into a place of my own, I will have random furnishings to fill the extra space.

So, I have another week to finish packing before the movers arrive on Sunday. Let’s hope that they arrive on time and ready to work hard. Lucky for them, I’ve already taken care of the annoying, little things that take so much time. They can just focus on about a dozen boxes and of course, the furniture.