The End of the Road

Wow, I think this is the longest that I have ever gone without posting on this blog. I can tell you that things continue to go well in my life (thankfully) and that I'm still on-track with my plan to be living in Europe before the end of the year. I doubt that this blog with come with me. And I must admit that I don't have the pull to publish as I once did. Instead, I'd rather write in my journal or chat with a friend.

I'm definitely not the first person to disappear from the blogosphere. Nor will I be the last. It has been a fun, worthwhile experience but I sense that I'm getting toward the end of my short stint as a blogger.

So that is all for now. I just wanted to post before the end of the month and let it be known that I'm still here. I will definitely craft some final post, when the time is right. Until then, expect haphazard posts on France and how I'm trying to make my last few months in DC truly memorable.


Organica said...

Hi Hippo! I hope you will write a few more posts before you completely quit, to give us some updates on your life/language/europe pursuits. I have always loved your blog, and although I don't comment as much as I should, I check it every few days!

I loved the days back at (organization) when we were both blogging very regularly, at least 5-7 posts a month. But it is sooo hard to keep that up. In Boston, I was constantly thinking of posts I wanted to write, but when it came time to sit down at the computer, something else always distracted me. Happily, being in VN has given me a reason to resume.

I miss you and I am so excited for everything you will do in the coming years! BTW, for the first time I truly understand why you wanted to do Peace Corps and why you now feel so personally driven to live abroad. I have met so many people here who have found different, creative ways to live/work in Asia, so I know that you will find your own way to Europe soon!

Organica said...

P.S. Vietnam is way cheaper than Europe, it's easier to move here, there are always plentiful English-teaching jobs, there is some French influence in the architecture and culture, and there are a lot of Europeans/Australians here for lovin' -- maybe this could be a back-up. ;)

Hippo Q. said...

thanks, organica! i can always count on your encouragement on my blog (and in my life)!

it is hard to keep a blog going. especially now that i'm at this transitional period, i don't feel the need to post much until i truly know where i'm headed. otherwise, it would be a bunch of posts counting down to my departure. i prefer to use my journal for that -- to avoid boring people with redundant posts about my anxiety/excitement.