Au Revoir

So here is my prerequisite farewell post.

In less than two weeks, I ship off to begin a 10-month adventure in France. I am delighted that all my preparation during the past year (and even before that) is finally paying off and that I’ll be able to check off one of the top things on my bucket list: “living abroad.” There are so many things that I want to experience while I’m in France, and of course, I am very hopeful that my time away will be extended.

I’m saying goodbye to this blog because I’m leaving DC; but also because I’m at a different place in my life.

I started this blog after my ex, Floyd, moved back home. And I end this blog — five years later — knowing that I have successfully released myself from that period of my life. As reflected in the changes in the content and frequency of my posts over the years, I’ve slowly started to lead a full and fulfilled life. During the past few years, I have “come into my own” as a career woman, as a single girl, as a daughter, as a friend, and as a human being. I know that my journey is far from over, but I feel that the past 30 years of my life were full of much laughter and that the tears were always, eventually, dried by greater knowledge and understanding of the world and my true self.

I enjoy blogging. It is a great form of expression and I know that it (along with old-fashioned journaling...) has helped me get through a lot of the struggles of my late-20s. Yet, I haven’t decided if I will start a new blog in France. I’m hoping that I won’t have enough free time to maintain one. But I also know that there are more than enough expat blogs out there to keep folks entertained regarding the minutiae of living in another country and culture.

So thank you, my “devoted fans” (i.e., my friends) and also the random visitors who’ve stopped by.

Au revoir. Bon courage.


Dor's Talk said...

Hi, ca va? I'm just a passer-by, who lived in France for a year many years ago... just wanna say, enjoy and have fun in France, I miss my days there too. Cheers~

Mommy of Three said...

I'm proud of you, stranger.