Weekend Visitor

One of my high school bff’s will be in-town starting tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to her visit, but I can’t think of anything cool to do. Last time she was here, I took her to watch the Capitol Fourth concert and fireworks, followed by a VIP reception. It’s hard to top that.

Thankfully, the weather is supposed to be nice all weekend so I’ll probably drag her down to the National Mall for a little sightseeing. I would love to take a tour bus around the city—while wearing a FBI sweatshirt, tube socks, and sneakers. Ugh…that reminds me that the start of the tourist season is only a few weeks away! My friend will probably want to check out one or two of the museums, and I think that we'd both enjoy going to the top of the Washington Monument. Tomorrow night, my plan is to take her to The Raven or The Red Derby (no, NOT Wonderland) for the neighborhood bar experience.

It is crazy that the only time that I truly take advantage of all that DC has to offer is when a family member or friend comes into town. I love my city, and I really should make a point of experiencing it beyond my normal work-home-errand route on a regular basis.

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