The Red Derby

Over the weekend, I went to the Red Derby with two high school buddies (Celestyn and Pharma). For the record it was a very beautiful and fun extended weekend of entertaining Celestyn.

I really like the Red Derby and since it is closer to my house than The Raven, it is more likely that I'll actually return. The cash only policy is annoying but the price is right on the mixed drinks, and they offer Strongbow (still looking for a place with it on draft). I wasn't too annoyed by the patrons and it was easy to score a seat. If only, it had a jukebox. Then, it would be closer to filling the void left when I moved away from Quarry House, the neighborhood divebar in Silver Spring.

So overall, it is a great neighborhood drink option for me. The only problem is being able to lure my friends away from the convenient and rowdy bars of Chinatown and U Street for the Red Derby experience.

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Anonymous said...

Red derby is great i don't mind the no cash thing myself but i see your point..BTW they let you play your Ipod i think that's even better than a jukebox