Shop 'til you drop?

One thing I’m really looking forward to when I get home is shopping at the wonderful malls of Atlanta. I haven’t gone shopping in about 2 months, and I feel that I’m suffering from withdrawal (which takes the form of salivating over everyone else’s new and old apparel finds). I already have my list of items to buy and I’ve already decided which malls I will visit (Perimeter, Lenox and maybe even Phipps) and when.

Growing up in Atlanta, I spent a lot of free time at the mall. It was the place where my friends and I used to hang out as teenagers and the place I frequented when I first discovered my (semi-financial) independence in college. Now, that I’m older and focused on saving for retirement, a house, school, etc., I’ve established a less forgiving clothing allowance for myself. And of course, after many years of learning about the world of advertising and our capitalist-individualist society, I have more qualms about buying in to the status quo and myths of consumerism and fashion.

But this holiday season, I’ve already set aside my budget for clothing purchases and I’m really gonna shop ‘til I drop. And I know my hometown's economy will benefit from my splurge.

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