The Kindness of Strangers

I bummed $1.35 off a stranger today. That's something I've never done before and I've never given money to the Metro lurkers who ask for extra cash. But that will all change after today.

I had a meeting on the Hill with a coworker. We took a taxi there, and I left my coworker (who had other meetings) in order to head back to the office. Not until, I reached the metro station and rummaged through my bag, did I realize that although I had my water bottle, notebook, Chapstick and pens, I did not have my cell phone or my wallet.

I am so thankful that the middle-aged African American woman believed my story and lent me the cash—it probably helped that I was dressed professionally. I wish that I could give her money back or personally send extra karma her way…

I was almost in tears riding the metro back to work. I just can't believe that I, a 25 year old, was walking around without a wallet. What if a major accident or emergency occurred and I didn't have any money or identification to get myself to safety? Sure, I could have walked the 15 blocks back to work, but the dire necessity of being independent and responsible for myself remains.

My behavior was ridiculous, simply ridiculous. It will never happen again, and I can promise you that I will start giving metro farecard money to those who ask.

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