Holiday Trip Out West

I'm headed to the airport now for my big holiday road trip with Floyd. Somehow, I got through this crazy week at work and am finally able to stop worrying about work stuff (unless I get a frantic email from my boss/coworkers...).

The highlight of the week was definitely the holiday lunch which gave me a chance to connect with some folks I rarely interact with. During the lunch, we had a holiday gift exchange, the first ever at which I didn't get shafted (Sure, white elephants are fun but I'm always the unlucky one).

I'm very excited about my trip with Floyd. It should be one of my most memorable road trips ever, and it will provide us with yet another chance to connect before the inevitable, final split. I will try my best to report on my adventures, but I won't make any promises.

For those interested, we are leaving from Texas on Sunday for the Grand Canyon. Then, we will spend a few days in Las Vegas before heading to San Diego. A day trip to Mexico so that I can practice my Spanish is also planned. Awesome, right?

So until my next blog, happy holidays and happy new year! Be safe!


Monica said...

merry x-mas! hope you're having fun out there!!

Organica said...

I miss you, Hippo! I hope you & Floyd are enjoying your road trip very much. Where are you ringing in the New Year?