The Real Reason

I've discovered the real reason why I decided to brush off my winter 2009 departure as a Peace Corps Volunteer. It isn't because of the glorious victory of the Obama Administration or the wonderful gains scored by Congressional Democrats (yay, new job opportunities!). It isn't because my sister's baby, my mother's first grandchild, is due in March. Nor, because I can't bare to be away from yet another annoyingly cold winter in DC.
No, it is entirely due to the fact that my 10th year high school reunion is slated for 2009.
Yesterday, I got an email from our senior class president about the reunion. I can't wait for to go back and reconnect with the folks that I've lost touch with. Of course, I want to see what has happened to my frienemies, the popular chicks, and the nerds. But, mainly I want to hug, laugh and toast with my old lunch bunch--the original lunch bunch of my high school years. We haven't been all together since freshman year of college and it will be amazing to see how far we've all come.
The reunion will probably be in the fall, which gives me less than 10 months to get my act together! I need the right look, the right attitude, and the right resume/CV to wow my friends and foes alike. I was a total dork in high school and I want to show everyone how much I've changed (and haven't changed) during the past 10 years. It will be a celebration of my roots and my growth since the days when I was that awkward girl who religiously sharpened her number two pencils before each and every class, had a long-term crush on the varsity soccer star, and regularly requested hugs from the friend who always responded with a "sure, hon."

 Wow, that brings me back. I can't wait.

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