Work-Life Update

I'm feeling a bit blah again today. So, I'm just going to do a quick update on my work and life.

My anxiety about my next career move is growing, as is the tension between my officemate and me. If she tells me one more time that she has nothing to do, I will scream...

I haven't quite figured out the proper path up the Hill, and I've received a mix of encouraging and not-so encouraging news from mentors and friends. During the holidays, I plan on reworking the language of my cover letter and résumé so that I can be ready to network and apply full-force when I return in January.

The main bright spot at work is my role as an inauguration volunteer. I have a feeling that I'll be placed outside, far away from the ceremony (please, no rain!!). But it will be awesome to be a part of that amazing event.

Over the weekend, I finally finished my Spanish class and Christmas shopping. I'm really excited about the children's books I bought for my growing (in the womb) niece. I got three Dr. Seuss books and "Good Night Moon." Of course, for financial and environmental reasons, I prefer library books, but I made an exception for her 0th Christmas gift. As soon as she's born, she'll be getting used books and college money from me. Hmmm…. I guess I'm going to be a serious aunt—focused on her education instead of getting her the latest outfit/toy. I'll leave that to everyone else.

I am really looking forward to my road trip with Floyd. It will give me a much needed reprieve from the stress of the Hill and the hustle of DC. Floyd and I laughed about how much our trip has snowballed over the past month. It started out as a short visit to see him in San Diego, and now it's become a multiple destination road trip. I guess we miss each other.

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