Little Black Dress

There are two things my closet desperately needs: a little black dress and a great pair of jeans. I have no idea how I have survived this long without either. On Black Friday, I fought the crowds at Pentagon City in hopes of finally filling that void.

I had planned on arriving at the Mall early, encouraged by the news that the Metro would be open at 4 AM. Yet, I overslept---too much turkey, beer and gaming the night before. I arrived at the Mall around 4:30 PM. It was packed.

I felt a bit overwhelmed trying to dodge the hordes of shoppers. After hours of surveying the racks and trying on dozens of dresses and jeans, I left the Mall empty-handed but determined to extend my search one more day.

I headed to Georgetown early Saturday morning and hit the jackpot. A special thanks to the friendly saleslady, who was clearly working on commission. She pulled me aside before I was able to escape the store and convinced me to let her find the conservative, little black dress that I'd been looking for.

My new dress is lovely. It has an empire waist and sheer top. I think that it is classic and versatile—though more fitting for professional than cocktail events. But it fits! After trying on so many dresses that accentuated my problem spots or lack of curves, it was refreshing to find a dress that was tailored yet forgiving. I should be able to wear this dress for years, (assuming that I don't get fat! Step away from the pumpkin pie…). It turns out that the dress was 25% off---as was everything else in the store. That made the expense a bit easier to bear.

So, I finally own a dress that makes me feel like a grown woman. I just need to work on the rest of my wardrobe and finally rid myself of all my old college and gasp, high school clothes that are making me look like an awkward, immature 20 year old.

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Anonymous said...

Can I have all your old clothes? :) I like your sense of style.