Another election, on the Hill

A big announcement will be given tonight as to the new officers of a Hill staff association. This year's cycle has been less aggressive and cut-throat than those of the past (so I've heard). But still, I feel that there has been a solid amount of campaigning, at least for the top/contested positions.

Things started quiet enough. A few weeks ago when the candidates were introduced, everything was chill except for lots of "Fyi, I'm running" emails and Facebook "vote for me" group invitations. Fast-forward to a few days before election day and things started to heat up.

I got two calls in one hour on Monday from folks that I'd consider to be my Hill friends. They encouraged me to vote for their candidate. But I was voting for the other side. It was a bit awkward.

It makes sense that a Hill staff association election would be intense. The same people who work everyday to message for their bosses – in the ultimate/underlying purpose of ensuring reelection – have to be anxious to run their staff association campaigns just as aggressively and smartly.

I decided, rather late, to get more involved. I feel very strongly about this staff association. It has been one of the few networks that I was able to readily tap into when I arrived on the Hill last spring. That is why it was so important for me to campaign a bit for the individuals that I feel would be best. Yesterday, I posted a statement of support on Facebook and sent out a few emails to folks who might be on the fence.

I'm sure that no matter who wins, the association will continue to be an important resource and community for me. And, of course, I will continue to be involved regardless of who is in charge.

But, yes, I want my gal to win.

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