First Week at the New Job

I apologize for the break in postings. I have been so busy adjusting to my new office and new work schedule. So far, I really like my new job. It's a big adjustment but a welcome change from my old office's dynamic. I feel that this is a supreme opportunity for me to learn and grow. It will be an exciting, busy session and I will be right in the middle of so many important legislative happenings.

It is odd that I will be in DC and on the Hill for at least another year--though probably two. I was ready to swear off DC during my road trip out West. While in San Diego, I started to fantasize about having a fresh start in a new city - in San Diego, in New York, abroad. But then, I returned from vacation and was offered and accepted a position that would keep me around until the 112th.

Yes, that means I got sucked into the possibility that the Hill and DC provide for making a difference--especially now. It doesn't hurt that I remain hopeful of one day working for the Obama Administration. As I witness former coworkers and Hill friends transition to the Administration and other jobs on and off the Hill, I become even more determined to work hard and network to be sure that I, too, can move to the next level in my career.

Two former co-workers, A-M & GFA, and I went to Luigi's to celebrate my first week at work on Friday. It was great to hang out with them, but it made me miss the old days when I had good friends and confidants at work. On the Hill, I can only claim a very small group of true friends. The rest are professional contacts that I haven't quite figured out if I can totally trust. That is unfortunate, and it makes my Hill life a bit more lonely--despite the fact that I am meeting more and more people every day.

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