Best Vday (as a single girl) eva

Yesterday, started sorta lame. I ran some errands and bought myself chinese food and some ingredients for a mexican themed night. With a stack of newly-checked out books and movies, I was all set for single girl night in.

I wasn't feeling too sorry for myself because I already had a Valentine. Floyd offered to play that role earlier in the week. Yes, I did want to take a dart gun to all the heart-shaped balloons I saw. But I wasn't feeling totally bitter and alone (wow, that is melodramatic).

That night, I headed out with friends for a VDay chick-date. It was perfect! I got the juicy burger I'd been craving for weeks and I got to watch an awesome chick flick.

I had low expectations for "He's not that into you," so I was pleasantly surprised with a funny, engaging movie that hit home to my love problems and to many of my friend's love problems.

I am totally Jennifer Anniston's character. But I know that unlike her, I will never get the happy (i.e., married) ending that I want. And that is okay--or at least becoming more and more okay everyday. Sure, I'm not yet ready for a clean break from Floyd. But I realize that I have to find my happily married with kids ending elsewhere--with some who actually believes in marriage and wants kids.

The night was a great ending to a day that started just so-so. And I'd say that it was the most perfect Valentine's that I've ever had as a single girl.

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