Bberry Back Again

I got a new blackberry at work yesterday, which is good news for this blog. I write most of my blog entries while on the Metro going to or from work, and it has been torture to not have access to my emails, blog, and tv program listings during the past week that I have been without it. It's crazy that I felt so resentful about getting one when I first started on the Hill last spring. Now I can't see how one can be effective in the fast-paced, information-rich climate that is the Hill without it. Plus, it's essential for someone like me who refuses to replace her faulty cellphone (env. reasons) or upgrade her cellphone plan (econ. reasons).

For me, it's been a life-saver in getting live info about an important Hill event ("Wait, what am I supposed to be doing with this VIP guest?") and in updating my boss about where I am and how I can be helpful ("Sure, I can come in today, a Sunday. I have no life"). Unfortunately. I find myself checking and responding to messages during time that is supposed my free time--weekends and week nights that should be devoid of work, especially for someone as lowly as me. It's become a sickness, I think. And as long as I am on the Hill, it will continue unchecked.

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