Countdown to the Reunion

My high school reunion is just a few days away. I’m a bit nervous but also excited. After a month of browsing online and in countless stores, I’ve decided what I will wear: a basic black work dress that is comfortable and fits me well. Paired with everyday flats, I’ll be relaxed and able to focus on the reason I’m going to the reunion, to connect with old friends.

I think I have checked my expectations sufficiently. I realized that it is not about wowing folks with an awesomely expensive dress, or proving that I’ve bested the rest in terms of my career and education, or about telling the dork who rejected my invitation to prom that he can shove-it (well, maybe it's a little about that...). It is about reminiscencing with old friends how awful, fun, anxiety-ridden, and carefree high school was. I do expect to exchange business cards and career insight, but I don’t expect to find a love-match or to make any significant connections that last. It’s like a one night stand with my classmates of ’99. No regrets, not expectations, no strings attached.

But I am bummed. One of my best friends from high school decided that she didn’t want to attend, despite my best attempts to convince/bribe her. For most of junior high and high school, she, another friend and I were the core of the original lunch bunch. It’s unfortunate that she won’t be there, but I won’t let that spoil the fun. My other high school bff is actually looking forward to it and I know that together we'll have a memorable night.

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