I’m feeling so blah today. I blame it on the weather and the fact that I haven’t had a real August recess. In fact, it’s been the worst August recess ever. Sure, things are slower than when we were in session but the fact that we are understaffed makes me feel that I am doing three jobs (my own and the jobs of the two folks who left last month). I am exhausted, anxious and stressed. Thankfully, a new staffer and an intern start in a week, which will alleviate a lot of my workload. Then again, once the excitement of the Hill begins anew the workload and stress will increase for everyone. That means no real break at all.

But I shouldn’t complain. We’ve been itching for an opportunity to make a real difference after 8 years of Bush. I truly hope that we accomplish all the things we need to before attention turns to the elections again.

So what's a staffer like me to do? Sleep is obvious. And I am determined to take the rest of my comp days before recess ends (I have 3.5 left but I'll settle for using 2). And I will clean and reorganize my bedroom. Cleaning always has a way of relieving my anxiety and making me hopeful again.

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