Happy Anniversary/Reunion

It’s amazing. This weekend marks my 10-year anniversary in D.C. I can still remember how excited, naïve, happy, and scared I was when I first arrived in Foggy Bottom. I never imagined that I’d still be here.

I never imagined many of the turns my life has taken. But all those turns have made me who I am. As I told a former co-worker this afternoon, I rate my life a 9.5 out of 10. The only reason I’m not a 10 is that I haven’t gotten into the shape I want and I don’t have a beau. Otherwise, I feel like I am finally in control of my destiny because I’m starting to truly know and accept myself. Time and experience have been a great teacher and healer for me.

I enjoyed showing off my 28-year-old self to my classmates at my 10th high school reunion. The reunion was very strange but I am glad I went. The folks I really wanted to see didn’t show but I got to catch up with at least two people from the lunch circle (my date and "Rubber/Eraser"). Mostly, the guys had more/less hair and were chubbier than I remember. Although some of the women were a bit worse for the wear (sunblock is key!), most of my female classmates looked the same—just a bit more stylish and taller from heels. Almost everyone is married and I got to fawn over two sets of baby pictures. There were several people I did not remember at all. Honestly, there is a lot of high school and even college that I don’t remember. No, it’s not the weed (unlike certain friends, I didn’t smoke) or selective amnesia. For some reason it’s just a blur. An enjoyable blur.

I felt out of place for most of the night as my lunch bunch and I huddled at a table snacking, drinking "reunion" cocktails (open bar!) and examining the new arrivals. Yes, many of the folks (including my group) did revert to the cliques and attitudes of high school. It seems like many of my classmates stayed in touch throughout college and beyond. It is odd that they are still close. Towards the end of the night, I decided to make the most of it and convinced my friend to join me in chatting with a few of the folks I couldn’t imagine not saying hi too, including the dork who didn’t want to be my date to the dance, my longtime crush, and the guy I used to joke with throughout junior and high school (there was a lot of alphabetical seating…).

So it was as they said. It was awkward at times but given that I kept my expectations low, I had a good time. It was also good that I went with my standby, a comfy dress and flats that allowed me to relax.

Class of 1999: It was interesting to see how far we’ve all come. I’ll be back in another 10. I can only pray that everyone is still alive and well in 2019.

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