Four Eyes

This morning my glasses finally broke. The left arm fell off and it has nothing to do with the screw--which means I can't attempt a tape job as before. After consulting with my eyeglass place and a repair shop, it is certain that they can't be fixed without shelling out $70. That almost how much they cost with my insurance. I must purchase a new pair.

I hate shopping for glasses. It truly takes me multiple, repeat visits to various eye glass places until I find a pair that is similar to the old pair

It's an important purchase because it's the one thing (beside my hairstyle...) that I wear everyday. It is also my only regular accessory and fashion statement.

I want dark brown frames with a subtle 1950s cat-eye, basically a new version of the glasses I have now. But of course the brand/style I have is no longer carried and I am forced (as I am every two years) to try on a hundred pairs until I resign myself to the pair I sorta like and eventually come to love.

Please wish me luck and great speed with my search. My eyes and bridge are already unhappy with my super-old pair.

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Organica said...

I remember taking a trip to look at frames with you back when we were at [non-profit]. It was so fun! But you were definitely dissatisfied with the choices. ;) Have you gotten a new pair yet? What do they look like?

I still have never had an eye exam as an adult. But I still want glasses - I love the way they look!