Unplanned Reunion

Tomorrow, I am going home to spend time with my friends and family. Last weekend, the mother of one of my best friends from high school died. Our little circle is making the pilgrimage to be there for her.

It is crazy how funerals can bring people together. Many of us haven't hung out together since college, or even high school. But we will all be there this weekend to support our friend. I guess it is a testament to the strength of the bonds we formed.

The death of my friend's mom reminds me of the death of my own father and the death of another of our friend's mother. It is natural for a child to bury a parent but it seems unscripted for a parent to die relatively young, i.e., before meeting their grandkids.

I can't wait to go home and give all my friends and family members a hug. I particularly want to embrace my friend and help her deal with her lost (by getting drunk and pigging out on greasy food). This is one of life's unavoidable milestones and I can only hope that my friend is able to move forward.

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