I can't believe the summer is nearly over. I am so amazed by how busy, stressful, productive and fun this summer has been. I think that I have made great progress in dealing with life post-Floyd (though I hope our conversation a few days ago hasn't set me back. He--or perhaps, we--has a way of planting seeds that find a way to haunt later.)

I am keen on finishing up this year the right way. I had dinner with Chatty-Chica a few days ago and she recommended that I create a year plan, a sort of bucket list, to ensure that I accomplish my short term goals--like riding to the top of the Washington Monument during the extended summer hours. It took me 9 years to take the elevator to the top (partly the fault of the renovation...) and I would hate to wait another 9 years before I got around to a trip at night.

My other, more significant goals include traveling. There is a January Mexico girls' trip in the works right now, and I think A-M and I are still aiming for Europe next summer. Other items include connecting with old friends, volunteering every month in my hood, working on my downward dog, seeing at least one show a season at the kennedy center or equivalent, and surpassing 20,000 words in my novel.

I plan on writing out my list this weekend, signing it and treating it like a contract. I am tired of putting off or not taking time for those certain things that I really enjoy but rarely have the time for. I feel that this is the perfect time for reevaluating the direction and wealth of my personal life and doing all I can to make it balanced and thereby, more fulfilling. Yes, this is possibly a part of the "almost 30 panic," but regardless it is still a Hippo Q. sort of thing to do.

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