Good times had by all

I had a nice, low-keyed Halloween this year. I met up with friends for happy hour before heading to Georgetown. As always, there were tons of people flanking both sides of the street by the time we left at 11, and I'm sure that the crowd remained 'til last call. I have fond memories of hanging out in and around M street for Halloween when I was in college. It's always a blast toward the end of the night when there are just college kids and random folk who didn't have to work the next day--we'd fill the empty streets and head East to Foggy Bottom, North to AU & GT, or wherever else.

My favorite costume this year was the little boy dressed as a mariachi (with a little mustache!). He was so adorable. My friend took a picture of him and when she finally loads it onto Flickr (with all the other pictures from the past month…ahem, ahem), I'll post it on the site. There were definitely a lot of other amusing costumes last night.

My 2006 "Best Costume" Awards go to (drumroll please):

  • Creative - the Twister girl (she wore the mat/board as a dress and the spinner as a hat)
  • Not Creative - badly done cat (Me!! My costume consisted of cat ears)
  • Sexy - all the crazy college kids who showed lots of skin
  • Too Sexy - the 14 year olds in Hooters outfits--who let them out of the house?
  • Disgusting - the 60 year old man with the booty shorts! OMG, I'm blind!
  • Inappropriate - the guys dressed as Duke lacross players, though I don't think they had girls dressed as strippers with them...
  • Other honorable mentions: Mr. Penis with balls and all the Borats I saw

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