Old friends and my former self

Over the weekend a friend from high school called to let me know that she was in town and today I ran into an acquaintance from freshman year of college. It's pretty weird to see and chat with people you haven't been around for a while and that you totally associate with a different time in your life.

Hearing my high school friend's voice reminded me of the stressful and amazing time as a teenager, navigating classes and a packed extracurricular/social schedule. Seeing the college fellow reminded me of my struggles and triumphs as a freshman attempting to fit in and figure out campus and "big city" life.

Seeing old classmates really makes you aware of how much you have (or haven't) changed since the last time you hung out. I think that I'm more secure and focused as a 25 year old than I was at 13 or 20. I just hope that my fellow graduates of '99 and '03 have found that sort of growth.

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