Capitol Hill Dreamin’

One of my last dreams this morning involved me nervously applying in-person for a Senate job. Other dreams that I can remember from last night also involved my career direction or lack thereof.

My anxiety to secure a job on the Hill is definitely increasing. I want to get a position before March so that I can have a minimum of 6 months as a staffer before I have to ship off for the developing world. I've already started to enlist a few of Floyd's friends to help out. As one of them noted, a lot of folks will be flocking from the Hill to take part in the campaigns. So there should be plenty of good opportunities for me to participate in the legislative process (whatever that may be in an election year…). So I am encouraged but still anxious to sit down and draft my cover letters and scour the listings for a position made just for me.

I plan to pump out at least 5 applications for LA, LC, and staff assistant positions on both the Senate and House side this weekend. Although I'd love to be an environmental/energy LA (House) or LC (Senate), I would be satisfied with a lower level position (which would pay less and be more stressful) given that it would be for a term of less than one year. It will suck to start a legislative track on the Hill in 2008 only to leave as soon as I've formed relationships and established credentials. But Peace Corps is calling…loudly.

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