I don't think that I've yet conveyed my enthusiasm for Marvin on this blog. So here goes:

The Bar
After reading the Washington Post Marvin review last November, I was convinced that I just had to visit the hip new bar named after D.C.'s own. For months, I plotted excursions to Marvin , and the one night I had the opportunity to visit, I was confronted by a super long line (it wasn't even 11 pm!). Thankfully, this weekend, I finally got to check it out. I arrived around 9 pm and scored a great seat in the upstairs, indoor room right near the window. Enjoying the views of U and 14th streets, I relaxed and sipped my well-mixed gin and tonic. It was too dark for me to check out the photographs on the wall, but I did recognize a well-known poster of Josephine Baker, which I also have at home. I was disappointed that Marvin Gaye wasn't on a constant loop, but I liked the funk/soul music mix that was played. I will definitely be back to Marvin in the near future for an early drink (before it gets crowded and the DJ starts). It's a very chill place early in the night and, particularly if you can score that window seat, well worth the trip.

The Musician
Marvin Gaye is one of my favorite musicians of all time. I can remember listening to his music with my father as a child and grooving along to the Marvin Gaye hour when I first arrived in D.C. Few songs/performers can incite the sort of the sensual jubilation I feel when listening to "Come Get to This" and few can incite feelings of heartache like "Distant Lover" (live!) or "I Want You." I love his Motown sound, but I adore his later work, particularly "What's Going On." I can remember the first time I connected with that album. I was so amazed by his versatility. He soulfully expressed love, spirituality, and an array of emotions (hope/despair/anger) regarding the events of that time.

It is very sad that his life ended so early and that he had to endure so many significant personal struggles--that, I suppose, helped spur his creative expression through music. He was definitely a musical great and will be revered and on a constant loop in my CD player until I die.

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