"Running into the sun but I’m running behind" (Jackson Browne)

I ran five miles last night, and my entire body can still feel it.

As a part of my new year's resolution to expand my fitness routine, I tried out the "fun run" in my neighborhood.  Like L-M, I figured that fun run would equal a short run, like a mile or two. You can imagine my surprise when I was told that the "fun run" was actually 5.2 miles long.  I haven't done significant cardio since the summer, and even then it was just step aerobics or swimming.  I feel that I'm in shape because of yoga, but not in shape enough to run 5.2 miles.

As you can imagine, I struggled, particularly on the hills on the way back.  But I made it.

When I was running, I started to think about my father.  He was an avid runner and I can remember watching him run around the high school track as I rode my bicycle or played soccer.  I know that he was looking down at me last night and smiling—proud that I decided to challenge myself and try something that had been a big part of his life. 

Tonight, I'll switch back to my favorite fitness activity, yoga, to stretch out and relax my body (which is still a bit on edge after yesterday) and mind/spirit (which also seem hyperactive right now).  I hope that my knees and legs will recover after tonight's yoga session (in addition to applying proper running form and wearing good running shoes) so that I'm ready for another run this Thursday or next Tuesday. 

I am so proud of my small accomplishment and I hope that I continue to try new things and stick with those that fit.


OoOoOoO said...

I aspire to someday be able to run 5 miles, without dying or stopping to rest. Congrats on accomplishing my fitness dream!

New Hampshire gal said...

HIPPO iz the kewlest i read yur blog every day thanx for posting - you are justt like me its liek yur in my head!


Hippo Q. said...

Lol, thanks Organica!