Two Names

Daria - This weekend, I went to a friend's birthday party at Solly's on U Street. Let me first note that Solly's is a very cool neighborhood bar. The bartender is friendly and heavy-handed in pouring the liquor. Plus, there is a jukebox and they have a pretty solid happy hour. One of the old guys (50+) that my friend was talking to pulled me aside and commented that I have the "Daria" thing going on. Um…what Daria thing? Do I look like Daria? Although I have glasses, I'm not White nor do I wear all black sans a green blazer everyday. Do I act like Daria? Despite what L-M might say, I don't see myself to be as cynical and antisocial as Daria. So how can a guy, who doesn't even know me, put me in such an outdated mold? I think it gets classified in the "Worst Pick-up Lines Ever" box, though I'm sure that if I was drunk, I might have taken the bait and started a conversation with him (reminiscent of Roosh and Roissy posts about game) . But for the record: old bastards, saying a girl reminds you of an outdated television character is not a turn-on.

Floyd - My ex finally moved to San Diego this weekend. He took a year off to spend time with his family in Texas and once his savings dried out and he started to realize that there wasn't much opportunity back home, he packed his bags for greener pastures. I am so happy that he's finally made it to San Diego. It was as if he was delaying reality during the past year of not working. I wish Floyd the best in his new location and I hope that our still-strained relationship doesn't falter as he embarks on this new chapter.

Although I still wish he didn't leave D.C., I can understand his reasons for going—wanting a change, a challenge, meaning, fulfillment, etc. In actuality, I'm in the same boat right now. I'm slowing getting fed-up with my current position and ready for a change of scenery. I love the life that I've built for myself in D.C. over the past eight plus years, but like Floyd, I realize that there is much more out there for me to experience and that what I need the most right now is a new challenge.

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