Creative Writing Update

Yay, I finally submitted another creative writing piece to my writer's group.  I'm very nervous about Monday's critique and I fear that the group will tell me that I haven't made any improvement since my last submission. 

It's unfortunate that my routine of writing each night lapsed after my first critique in October.  I guess I was disheartened by the criticism and particularly, by comparing my first work with that of my counterparts in the group and in the published world of chick-lit.

I hope that Monday's meeting--regardless of whether I get a positive or negative critique--will be the spark I need to rediscover my passion for my story and this form of creative expression.  I hope that it will encourage me to start writing again--not with the intention of impressing anyone or getting published, but with the intention of expressing and finding myself. 

I still hope to finish my novel by next fall and of course, I'm totally off track.  I wanted to finish the skeleton/novella by now.  Instead, I have written no more than 21 pages of the first third of the story.  I have a long way to go, but I am willing to sacrifice a few weekends to this undertaking.  I shan't give up. 

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