Last night's Tyra Show was about prostitutes/call girls/fantasy companions. Sheena, a 21-year-old street prostitute, talked about why/how she got into prostitution. Her stories of being abandoned and abused as a child and preteen were simply heartbreaking. There are just so many women out there who have similar histories and who see prostitution as the only means to support themselves and their families.

I don't have a problem with prostitution…as long as the women are given the choice, are safe, and realize that they have other options for survival and advancement. Also, as long as they can get support for any underlying emotional issues that may have lead them down such a path. I guess I see a difference between street prostitutes and the (empowered?) high-end call girls or workers at the Bunny Ranch. Although, I guess, both could be dealing with drug addiction and other issues.

It is so hurtful to see young women (and men) who are the product of broken homes and an under-funded social services system, choose paths that involve prostitution, drugs, and other activities that only lead to more misery and possible death.

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