Continued Craziness Next Door

Again, yesterday my crazy neighbors were at it. Not the acceptable "at it" of having sex, but rather loudly and crudely arguing with each other.

Yesterday's altercation seemed to reach new highs as it started earlier in the day than usual and included some hallway screaming. I wanted to call the cops, but didn't... I guess I felt that the cops were only needed to break up physical violence, if it happened--which, given the woman's threats, I thought might occur. I just stayed in my apartment and blasted Marvin Gaye to mask the woman's obscenities and help bring me back to my peaceful place (that's the power of marvin's sweet voice). I got to go to sleep hearing the women's continued bitching and moaning and (oh, boy!) woke up to it again this morning.

I'm quite tired of these miserable people. I don't understand why they don't just break-up if they hate each other so much. It's been this way for a while—with me both having trouble getting to sleep and waking up in the middle of the night to their craziness. Though in all fairness, it's the woman who is the loudest and crudest.

So, after some encouragement from Floyd, I decided to call my landlord to complain. According to a few websites I visited, the first course of action is to confront the neighbor. But I'm afraid that this crazy lady will start directing her anger at me. Hopefully, my landlord will be able to do something to get them to settle down or, one can only hope, to move out.

Just when I'm really starting to like my apartment and feel at home in my neighborhood (after 1.5 years), these people have to move in and make me want to move out.

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