She wore green shoes

I had a memorable St. Patty's Day. I spent the morning volunteering at Food and Friends and the evening drinking with friends—including both M's. We went to a local bar that had green beer and a live band. It was a really great, late night.

Once again, I've been inspired to start my own band. I would love to play the tambourine, finger symbols or some other percussion instrument in a band. Ideally, I'd play the guitar--acoustic or electric. Floyd is rather against me playing the guitar or percussion instruments. He thinks that it would be cooler to play the fiddle. And I'm down with that. In fact, I've been thinking about re-learning the violin for a while. I played the violin when I was a kid, but dropped it for other extracurricular activities in junior high. So, I might just make that my resolution for my 26th year: learning how to play the classical violin AND the fiddle solos in "The Devil Went Down to Georgia."

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