Medieval Times

Yesterday, I went to Medieval Times with a friend. It was quite cheesy, yet...enjoyable—especially since it was totally free (Thanks, L-M!). It took us over two hours to get there, given that we got lost driving out of D.C. BTW, google maps sucks and I still don’t know how to navigate this city by car.

I didn’t really care for the food nor the lack of silverware and proper lighting when eating. The show itself was, again, cheesy but enjoyable. L-M and I spent most of the show laughing about the ill-timed fight sequences, overly dramatic acting, and voice-overs. We also had fun interacting with our male server in tights and rowdy neighbors, whose visit was also comp’ed. Of course, we cheered for our knight, the green knight, but the bastard didn’t win.

My other issue with the place is the use of horses in the performance, though I’ve always been disturbed by show animals. I just hope that the horses are well taken care of and given time to frolic in open fields far, far away from the tiny Medieval Times arena.

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