They’re baaaaaack!

I love Hostess Hopper cupcakes.

They're sweet, sugary, sweet…just simply delightful. I first discovered Hopper cupcakes at the local CVS when I was in graduate school. I bought a pack and I was in love. Unfortunately, when I went back to the store, they were sold out. As they're a seasonal Hostess item, I only get a few weeks before Easter to savor their pink goodness.

Last year, when I discovered that they were sold in bulk (i.e., 8-packs) at Safeway, I bought five boxes. Floyd and I, though mainly just me, ate our way through those 40 cakes in a few short weeks. This weekend, I purchased just one box, though I know I'll buy many more this weekend.

Gosh, I love those super-sweet cupcakes, and I'm so happy that they're finally back.

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