Bonjour, Paris!

I'm going to Paris!  I just booked my flight and hotel for Paris and I can't stop smiling.  I've been dreaming about going to Western Europe ever since I was a child, and now, at the age of 26, I am!  I hope that this trip will usher in a new era of world traveling for me.

I am still a bit nervous about whether my mother and I will be able to get along during the whole trip given the fact that I haven't lived with her since I was a child.  But I think the simple fact that we will be exploring a new place together will keep things calm.  Most of all, this experience will be a great opportunity to build a relationship, as an adult, with my mom.

I can't wait to start planning our trip itinerary.  We definitely plan on hitting all the major tourist sites.  But I will also schedule in large blocks of café and park time for people watching and pastry-eating.

I guess I need to dig out my French language tapes and enroll in the Mac Intensive French Language School asap!  I hope that Mac IFLS is still accepting students...

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