Dinner with an Old Friend

I just returned from having dinner with my college roommate. I want to note that we ate at the super-yummy Adam's Morgan falafel place, Amsterdam.

It was so nice to see my old roommate again. I haven't seen her in four years and she hasn't really changed, which is good cause neither have I. She is still as grounded, hardworking and focused on the important things in life as she was in college. She just finished medical school and is on her way back to the U.K. to start her residency. I'm really sad to see her go but so proud and happy for her accomplishments. I wish her well.

It is amazing how quickly time has flown since college. It wasn't that long ago that we were freshman year roommates, taking classes and meeting on Fridays for Chick-Fil-A dinner. We stayed roommates all four years and though things weren't always perfect, she was a great mentor, roommate, and a true friend.

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