Weekend Freedom is Near

I'm gonna put in my two weeks notice at my part-time job. I have almost reached my savings goal for my summer trip (though I still haven't bought my ticket!). Most of all, I reached my limit.

Working on the weekends has made me way too tired for my normal job. Also, after working 13 hours on the weekend, I rarely have the time or motivation to do normal weekend stuff, like volunteer, do housework, and pursue hobbies. Remarkably, I haven't visited the library in over a month—library-ing is my favorite pastime! I havefr managed to maintain a bit of my social life, but I still long for days of relaxing at home.

I'm glad that I tried out having a part-time job. It was a challenging pursuit. It kept my mind off missing Floyd and helped me earn a little extra for my summer trip. I met some interesting people and had my patience challenged on a regular basis—which will serve me well in the future.

Now I want to focus on having a great summer vacation and using my precious free time more wisely in the future.

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