Friday already?!

I just spent the past two days in West Virginia for a work retreat. It was so pretty and quiet. I woke up super early the first morning to take a walk during the sunrise. I only saw a few deer, but it was really nice and peaceful. The food was absolutely amazing and a nice departure from the southern-style (i.e., sugar, salt, and grease laden) food that we were served at the last retreat location.

The retreat afforded me an opportunity to get to know my coworkers, particularly those who work in our other offices. The highlight, or should I say lowlight, of the trip was witnessing my male coworkers strip to their skivvies in order to take a dip in the Shenandoah River. So, not sexy! As soon as I got home last night from the retreat, I went to bed and slept like 12 hours. I didn't realize how exhausted I was, but it was a good exhausted.

I'm glad that this work week has been so short. I look forward to a weekend of chores (time to shred!!) and possibly, seeing the Pirates movie.

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