First cold of the season

I feel so icky right now. I blame both my coworkers and my roommates. When I woke up yesterday, my throat was on fire. Today, my sinuses are acting up. Every year around this time, I get my first cold. I blame it on the changing temperatures and the increased stress of late. I've been drinking gallons of orange juice and green tea in hopes of staving off the worst but so far, my body has decided to let the cold take its full course. This is really unfortunate because I have a week packed with events and receptions, including my 5th year reunion at GWU this weekend.

Speaking of receptions, I went to a great one near the Capitol. The roof had AMAZING views of the Capitol and Pennsylvania Avenue. The food was great and the bar was well-stocked. Aside from one guest who was persistently annoying in challenging my boss's position on the food-fuel debate, it was a good night.

So keep your fingers crossed that I get well soon.

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