In da club, LOVE

I am so over the club scene. After years of nostalgia about all the fun nights I had as a 18-19 year old dancing and drinking at the club, I've realized that the club no longer offers the unique, fun time it did when I was young and stupid.

The club is a meat market and I didn't fully comprehend that until I stepped into a club called Love with my coworkers. We were all decked out in heels and figure-flattering dresses. We looked good and were ready for a fun night out. Unfortunately, it was just an okay night.

First, let me say that it is a nice club. Surprisingly nice. Dimly lit and full of wood paneling. Most of the clubs that I used to go to in D.C. (The Spot!!! and Platinum) were dingy places that were falling apart. Love is a trek from downtown but I think it is a worth the trip—assuming you arrive before 11 with a pass to avoid the $20 cover charge. There weren't that many cute guys in the place. The ones that were cute were bouncers or the skeevy sort that were enthusiastically grinding dancing with the women who were composed of an equal mix of skanks (sweetheart, that is a shirt not a dress) and good girls out with friends (which was my group).

Our enthusiasm of a girl's night out dancing was dampened by the unease we all felt on the dance floor. I don't know how a woman enjoying herself on the dance floor with her girlfriends always gets interpreted as an invitation to male advances. It's a known fact that women love to dance. Most of the time, they prefer to dance without worrying about stranger's wondering hands. I can't count the number of times my hand, hips or shoulder were grazed by guys trying to get my attention. Seriously, it is just skeevy and inappropriate. As I told one of the guys, I was there to hang out with my girls and not entertain the advances of men with only one thing on their mind.

But, overall it was a good experience. Not the amazing clubbing experience of the old days, but interesting and worth the time I spent getting ready. The visit helped me finally get over clubbing and reminded me of how much I love bars and lounges where I can show up without pretense, in jeans and a t-shirt.

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