Yoga in the Park

I've always wanted to practice yoga outdoors. This Sunday, I finally got a chance. Aside from the pesky bug bites, slight sunburn and dirty yoga mat that resulted, I had an awesome session of doing sun salutations in the bright morning sun.

A few weeks ago, when talking at walk through Malcolm X Park (b.k.a., Meridian Hill Park), I noticed a small group of people practicing yoga near the stage. I waited around reading my book for a bit. Once the session was over, I walked over and introduced myself. The woman was training to become a yoga instructor and she held classes on most Sundays to get practice hours. I gave her my email address and two weeks later, I was back for an amazing session.

It's been a while since I last practiced yoga. Despite all the videos and handouts I own, I have yet to sustain a home-pratice—something an instructor/monk told me was key. But I hope to attend the yoga in the park sessions as long as they last (probably until it gets cold). Bikram Yoga-Dupont's sessions have ended, but there are others you can learn about through visiting Meet-up (like this one) and by randomly checking out huddles of folks in the park.

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