The Park at 14th

I finally managed to get into The Park.

About a month ago, Shimmy-Shimmy and I ventured to The Park for an drink before meeting the rest of our group. It was early and there wasn't a line but we didn't get in. The guy mentioned something about a guest list. I said no and we turned away to head to Lotus. Perhaps, we didn't try hard enough. We weren't assertive nor did we flirt with the bouncer. But then, we also weren't dressed the part as we both donned conservative black outfits that night.

I returned to Park on Saturday night dressed the part but fully expecting not to get in. I read lots of reviews on WaPost about folks not getting in and about the use of racial quotas to maintain the desired mix of people. I tried emailing and calling the club about the guest list and was only told that there was no public guest list (you have to get to know one of the promoters/ambassadors).

When I arrived, there were at least 30-40 people outside and I witnessed at least two groups be denied entry (one was a group of guys and the other was a group of girls that included a "big girl"). It's ridiculous that they are trying to recreate Studio 54 at 14th and K Streets. DC isn't a land of beautiful people and it really hurts to deny folks like me and others entry for not having the right look--whatever that may be.

We got in. I attribute it entirely to my friend's flirty ways and my sexy hair. Yes, I actually put some effort into my look and it paid off. I looked hot and felt really good.

I like Park. It has four floors of bars, dance areas and bottle service areas. The bouncers and other workers are all very attractive and the clientele was a nice mix. The place is dark and the televisions were broadcasting the UGA game, while the DJ on the floors played a nice mix of top 40 with a bit of house and old school mixed it. I had a great time of dancing and drinking with my coworker. Plus, she met her "future husband" that night.

I left the lounge around 1:30--totally fed up with being jostled around. It was so crowded and I was ready to go off on the next person who pushed me aside while I was trying to get my groove on. After a quick check in, I said farewell to my my friend and her new boy toy.

I will definitely check out The Park again--though earlier in the night to avoid the hysteria outside and the annoying crowds on the dance floor.

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