Dancing Queen

It was so hard to get out of bed this morning after such an amazing weekend of napping, snacking, and dancing. Yes, the Hippo loves to dance!

Bravo Bravo: I haven't visited this place in years, and when I arrived to an empty place, I was a bit skeptical that I'd enjoy myself. But I did. I learned the bachata and got my fill of salsa, meringue and reggaeton. It got rather crowded and hot toward the end of the night, so we headed out around 130--when the party actually started to heat up and the thugs were headed in.

Black Cat: Sunday's Michael Jackson vs. Prince vs. Madonna (plus a bit of Janet) dance party was phenomenal. I don't think that I've ever danced and sang so much. I realize now how much Prince I don't know—and they seemed to play a lot of Prince. The dj didn't start playing the good stuff, i.e., back-to-back songs that I actually knew, until midnight. It was a great night of awesome music by the geniuses of pop.

I'll be back on the dance floor this weekend, donning a new minidress and killer heels—in my return to the club scene as an old lady for a symbolic last hurrah.

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