What a madhouse on U street and I hear that the area around the White House is the same. I'd imagine that in cities across our nation, young and old are rejoicing in the streets.

I spent the night working and chilling at the DCCC/DSCC event. It was a great night made even more momentous by Obama's win. Like so many, I shed a tear for all the sacrifices and hopes of those who came before. I called my mom and Floyd before hugging my friends and toasting.

I paid an impromptu visit to U street after my bus was forced to detour. How surreal, exciting, and amazing to have so much spirit in the streets after midnight on a Tuesday.

Finally, home now and in my bed. I can't wait to hear all the analyses tomorrow and also hear a preview of what the new Congress has in store. For the record, the Congressman I campaigned for won his reelection bid.

All is well.

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