Bonus Faux-Pas

I disclosed my end-of-the-year bonus to my coworkers. It was a mistake.

I was handed an envelope by a coworker who jokingly said that it was my bonus/raise for the year. I disbelievingly opened the letter.

What joy! It was a lovely bonus of a size I didn't expect. In disbelief, I disclosed the amount to my coworkers and handed it over to my coworker to double-check that it was real. One of my coworkers was happy for me and excited about the day when her own bonus would arrive—she's new. My other coworker was a bit upset that he hadn't received a bonus yet and had never heard of such a bonus amount.

I thought that our generation was more open with their finances. But I guess that it isn't true when it comes to people that you work with and who do a similar job—and probably think that they do more or just as much as you do.

But whatever. I know that I've worked hard during the past 8 months that I've been on the Hill. It's good to know that my efforts have  been recognized and rewarded.

This bonus is awesome. It doesn't elevate my Hill salary to what I used to make as an assistant in the nonprofit world. But it will be put  to good use (Las Vegas, here I come!).

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